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Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Drink

While enjoying way too many alcoholic beverages may seem like a recipe for fun, how soon do we tend to forget that it’s not without its consequences. Here you’ll find a collection of the side effects of drinking that you should always keep in mind. From short term to long term effects, overindulging in booze is not without its dangers. 

It Doesn’t Tend To Inspire Smart Decisions


If you regularly over-indulge in your favorite alcoholic beverage, then you probably already know this one first hand. Though alcohol can lower inhibitions, this isn’t always a good thing. Drunk-you does not tend to be nearly as charming as you might like to believe and may do things that you would never do sober. From drunken texts to the ex to romantic encounters that are anything but romantic, you never quite know what you’re likely to get yourself into.