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Lovely Sunday Bloody Marys

Nothing says breakfast of champions like a Bloody Mary first thing on a weekend morning or during the first day of a well-deserved vacation. A good Bloody Mary has lots of nourishment included in its vodka and tomato juice base so you’ll be satisfied and ready for maximum relaxation. Bars around the world claim to make the best Bloody Mary, but we’ve narrowed down the list to this top 10. 

Bloody Mary Superior


Down in beautiful Southern California the Bloody Mary is a common sight on brunch tables and beachside cafes. With quite a few breweries and pubs in San Diego, Small Bar manages to stand out among the rest, thanks to its delicious Bloody Mary Superior. This thirst-quenching and spicy drink is made up of the house-made Bloody Mary mix, Guinness stout beer, steak sauce, and chili-garlic vodka. Garnishes include beer-candied bacon, mushrooms, and spicy green beans. Best of all, customers get a free bag of pork rinds with every Bloody Mary Superior.