Hilarious Dog Memes

If you’re considering adopting a new dog, there are many things you’ll know to be a successful fur-parent. Here you’ll find a collection of things every dog owner understands, as demonstrated by a series of adorable doggo memes. From your duties as a new dog owner to the judgemental stare, you may face if you dare to arrive home bearing another dog’s scent, prepare to get a crash course is pup ownership 101. 

Your Schedule Shall No Longer Be Your Own


While a dog’s need are simple, don’t ever make the rookie mistake of attempting to understand them. If you find your dog scratching at the door just moments after being let out, letting him back in will rarely be the end of the conversation. What if he spies a stray flower through the window that he forgot to sniff or a sketchy looking bug that needs to be investigated? A dog’s to-do list is a long and constantly evolving one.