WHOA! Science Facts You Didn’t Know Were Real

No matter how you felt about chemistry class in high school, science has uncovered plenty of mind-blowing facts that could interest pretty much anyone. Here you’ll find a list of fun facts uncovered by scientists that will help you see the world in a new light. Best of all, you can learn each and everyone without the use of a single complicated formula.   

Babies Have Nearly 100 More Bones Than Adults


When you first entered the world, you had nearly 100 more bones than you do as an adult. What happened to the extra ones? They’re still there, but some of them have naturally grown together. When babies are born, they need to be extra flexible so they can pass through the birth canal. That’s why many of their 300 bones are separated by cartilage and fuse together over time until they become a total of just 206 bones in adulthood.