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Unbelievable AirBnBs You Can Rent

Air BnB is taking over the holiday industry, and with good reason. Often cheaper than their more conventional, hotel counterparts, Air BnB provides an enormous variety of rooms, apartments, and beyond that combine the luxurious with the eccentric. We’ve listed ten of the most obscure we could find for you to judge for yourself.  

Hobbit House, Washington – From $200 a Night


Whether you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings film series or not, this incredibly cozy location is perfect for aspiring Hobbit or anyone who just wants an adorably charming get-away. Nestled in the beautiful Washington countryside, it’s just as scenic as the Shire itself from Tolkien’s beloved novels. This endearing holiday home is almost entirely remote and accommodates two people, with a small bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and the iconic circular front door.