Spa Treatments Fit For Your Queen

The Peninsula Spa Beverly Hills

Tired of the typical facial treatment you get at spas? Well, The Peninsula Spa Beverly Hills are delivering the future with The Ultimate Indulgence. This high tech machine has six separate functions to give your face the finest finish. Thie machinery also includes the Chromo-frequency Face Mask, which brings your face back to its correct color. For a cool price of $1,500, you can get a two-hour treatment with this device.

Spa Montage Beverly Hills

When it comes to spas in Los Angeles, Spa Montage Beverly Hills is the mecca. There’s a great reason for such a massive interest: this spa features the L. Raphael Royal C Treatment. As the only West Coast spot to utilize this skincare, you won’t feel cheated from an immense experience. This treatment involves a rare $500,000 oxygen machine to help stop wrinkles. A 90-minute session will cost you $1,400.