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Which Plan is Right for You? Search Below for Deals

As a single person myself, I frequently wonder why more things are not created with the solo person in mind. It every area from meal prepping to toilet paper (which is very important these days), it seems everyone is trying to sell in bulk and are mostly group or family oriented. And if you have been paying any attention to technology in the recent years, this now applies to your cell phone plan.

Carriers like Sprint have widely advertised the “Friends and Family plan”, which basically lowers the monthly cost of everyone on the plan WHEN THEY ARE GROUPED TOGETHER. But what about when you don’t want the hassle of sharing a line or having to wade through the unknown of “finding” a group to include you? Or maybe you are trying to help your adult child find their way and cut ties, so they flourish in the real world without you! That’s where these plans below come in. After doing some research, we have found the below are among the top options for that independent person in your life!

Starting the lineup are none other than Sprint’s unlimited data plans. With 3 tiers (all including. unlimited talk and text) they go from the basic plan, the plus plan, and then up to the premium. While being cost conscious, but still getting a great carrier and not resorting to a prepaid service, the basic plan will run you $60 monthly. The plan itself includes 500MB of mobile hotspot along with 5GB while in Mexico or Canada. Not a frequent traveler and hate having benefits you don’t use? Sprint also includes a free HULU subscription with this plan. That’s a lot of bang for the single persons buck.

Now, you might say, “I just don’t need an unlimited data plan”. While most people tend to prefer this, you can cut that feature and pick up a tiered plan with Verizon wireless that includes 5GB in coverage for the bargain price of $60 monthly. Sign up for autopay and knock off another $5 each month. These plans are only available to individuals and do allow for carryover of the unused data allotment. They will also slow the service and alert you if you hit and start to go over your limit to help avoid any high bill spikes you may not have foreseen.

So, what if you have the above-mentioned tier plan and love Verizon, but have determined after months of reaching your limit, you do need more? Pick up that phone and upgrade to Verizon’s Unlimited Data Plan. For just $80 monthly, you will gain access to an unlimited amount of data including mobile hotspot and access to the 5G coverage network. While it is on the higher end of the singles person’s budget, this is an ideal plan for those who are on the go and live a fly by the seat of their pants lifestyle and want to keep in touch at the same time.