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Don’t Choose a Moving Company Until You’ve Read These Tips

Shopping for a new home can be one of the most exciting times – all the mental visions of how it will look, where things will go, and all the memories you will make in your new space. And right up until that contract is signed, most people tend to overlook the physical action ahead – the dreaded “MOVE”. After a certain age, most of your normal “movers – aka friends”, will slowly become more and more unavailable to help with this process. And even more so if the move goes from just down the street, to across the country.

Lucky for you, moving companies are a booming business and nowadays, customizable to meet your needs. Essentially, you must decide where and with whom you will place your trust with, to move your entire world to your new home. While looking at moving companies, here are some things you may want to consider before handing the boxes over.

Reputation is everything – especially when it comes to moving companies. Start by asking neighbors, coworkers, and family who they use. But then also make sure you do your own research – Has the ownership changed since they last used them? If so, are the online reviews still in line with how the prior experience went.

Look at company policies – for instance, will they assume liability for damaged or broken items during the move? Are there background checks for employees, and if, something was to go missing, what recourse will you as the consumer have, if any? What is the weather and /or other delay policy regarding timeliness of the move?

Knowing these things up front will give you peace of mine and less stress when moving day comes.

Check that price tag – Does the moving company have a flat fee, hourly, or mileage based? Many companies have different options, so you may want to take a mental calculation on your fee. If you have a small, local job likely to take only a few hours, finding a company that offers mileage or hourly rates may be the better option. However, if you are looking at cross state or country, those hours and miles will add up quick – locking in a flat fee rate up front will likely save your pocketbook down the line and keep any pesky surprises from arising.

To box or not to box – Yes, many moving companies will not only move your things from point A to point B, but they will also come in and pack for you, and many, much like pricing, offer customization – do you want them boxing up all your belongings such as clothing, or just to wrap and secure the larger scale items such as furniture. Many people on a time crunch or just looking to move hassle free will pay a pretty penny to have the full experience handled by the moving company.

Ultimately, knowing your budget and looking into moving companies that can provide what you need taking the above into consideration, will hopefully make your next move the easiest one yet!