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Assisted Living Facilities – 3 Things to Consider Beforehand

Making the decision to transition your loved one (or possibly yourself) to an assisted living facility for many is a hard pill to swallow from the get-go. Most of us don’t like to admit we are no longer fully able to live a normal and happy life without having someone around to check up on us and assist in our day to days, after doing so successfully for the majority of our lives. But the time does, for many, sometime come.

The positive side of an assisted living facility are the many options and decisions you have a say in, unlike a more confined nursing facility, where the rooms are all similar and facilities look nearly the same. So, you’ve arrived at the decision and are beginning your trek to find not just any assisted living “near me”, but the best possible arrangements for the situation you are facing. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right option.

Facility Size – To date, there are assisted living options across the country starting with as few as 4 beds and trending toward these larger scales assisted living communities upwards of 500 residents. Depending on the type of services you are looking for and how much specialized care you are looking to get is the first thing that should be considered when determining this. While many people prefer (or even require) that one on one more often, many people entering into these facilities just need basic attention or services and are looking to socialize. The larger communities often include more social activities and amenities, such as pools, gyms, or even movie theaters. Knowing where your happiness as well as safety will lie is the first balance that needs to be taken into consideration.

Visit the location physically to assess the morale – we live in a very tech friendly world, and most of us, have likely a time or two, been burned by seeing a pretty picture and then discovering later just how deceiving photoshop can be. Taking the time to go visit the community and get a real sense of the amenities and the staff is essential in making sure that the facility isn’t just nice on the outside. Our number one priority for our loved ones is ensuring their safety, as well as their happiness, and No better way to determine if this is the “right” spot like seeing it firsthand.

Services Offered – The standard assisted living facility often provide meals and housekeeping services. Many also offer physical and mental wellness programs to boot as well. With these communities growing in popularity, many are also now equipped to go just beyond the basics and offer programs and care for patients with diabetes or Alzheimer’s. Many of them also now go beyond and assist in providing a plan for when and if the time comes that assisted living is no longer enough, and the need to transition into a skilled nursing facility becomes inevitable.